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We are a diversified business group serving the dynamic sector of Information and Communication Technology with a core competency in design, build, manage and operational domains in the sectors of education, healthcare, corporate and hospitality serving customers in the geography of North America, the Middle East and Asia.

We came into existence in 1995 offering dedicated mobile ICT solutions. Over the next 13 years we have developed into becoming the leading consultancy/turnkey convergence integration company in MESA with offices in 8 cites providing consultancy services and turnkey solutions to over 400 clients and 1500 projects.

Visionaire is highly focused on environmental sustainability and we see ourselves as a strong player in this segment for our future business growth strategy. We have made strategic investments in building a sustainable environment business under the banner CarbonLogique and leading the way in the business of providing CFD Data Center modeling, CDM, LEEDS, Sustainable Technology Consultancy and Project Management Services.

The Group’s rich portfolio of projects in the intelligent, sustainable green ICT infrastructure and solutions arena includes the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology which is part of the world's first zero carbon city, notable also is the design and build of the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and one of the world’s most technologically advanced higher educational campuses –the United Arab Emirates University.

With this background the Visionaire Management Team is enthused with another area of investment linked to the sustainable environmental practice. The vision is to invest into regional "green" real-estate projects where the full potential of Visionaire’s strengths can be utilized in technology related sustainable project delivery.

Fairfield Estate is the Group’s latest venture in creating the unique potential for “naturally green” holistic and wellness real estate projects. With this venture our mission is to build a viable, ecologically and environmentally sound resort that will merge green technology with the best that nature can offer making it an "iconic" project for the world and a leading example that we can follow by establishing experience and best practices.

Land Features

Area 65.5 Acres (26.53 Hectares)
Altitude 2000 meters above sea level
Highest Point 150 meters
Rainfall 1800.2 mm
Climate 17° to 36° c
Best time to visit Through out the year

Fairfield is blessed with nature's best: inland bodies of water, a river, luxuriant greenery on varied topography, and pure fresh air.

Trees, flowers and produce such as tea, coffee, oranges, lemons, jackfruits, gooseberry, guava, pomegranate, coconut, rosewood, teak, silver oak and mangoes thrive in the area. Spices are also grown; among them are black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom.


Fairfield Estate is a gem located North of Coimbatore in the Nilgiri Mountains, Kotagiri District in Southern India.Nilgiris borders the Karnataka and Kerala states, a veritable fairyland of dense forests, rushing streams and breath-taking views of valleys and glades.

The estate is 60 km from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu; a convenient 1.5 hour ride from the nearest airport, and minutes away from a railway station. It is accessible from the Metupayalam-Kotagiri Highway.

GPS : +11° 22' 1.41", +76° 54' 48.75"

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